Body-Led Singing Workshops

In Body-Led Singing Workshops, participants learn and embody the techniques of free singing. In a small supportive community, we explore movements that free the diaphram, release tension and help promote optimal resonance.  We also work with the energy centers of the body as they relate to singing. 

One unique aspect to Body-Led Singing classes is that participants also work with Subconscious Voice Repatterningor SVR.  One of the many ways SVR is used is through guided movement meditations designed to slow your brainwaves so that you are more receptive to shifting your habitual vocal patterns to more healthy ways of using your voice. 

These weekend workshops are an opportunity to go deeper into the meditative experience of singing with a free voice.  In addition to practicing the basic techniques of free singing, you will work with the speaking voice, applying the same basic principles.  The result of releasing tension and applying breath techniques to the voice is a clear, resonant and beautiful sound - speaking and singing. 

My wish for you is that you leave this workshop with a solid body-understanding of how to tap into your free sound.  My wish for you is that you understand and embody a language of movement that supports breath, so that your voice is an extension of that breath and that freedom.  And finally my wish for you, is that you take some of what was learned in this workshop and bring it with you on your journey, to fuel your expressions in the world - be they singing professionally, speaking or simply walking through life with more breath.

Women's BLS Workshop - Connect your second chakra to your voice

Hello women!  This vocal technique class goes much deeper than vocal technique alone.  Using Body-Led Singing techniques we will work with connecting our voices to our second chakra - our emotions, our sensuality. 

It is my intension to support you in making tiny shifts in the way you use your voice - speaking and singing- that become a new life-style of resonant expressions.  Freedom happens through allowing, so please please know that you do not have to be perfect.  You do not have to be a professional singer or even a singer at all to attend.  And if you are a singer, I encourage you to lay aside any old habits of tension, and try something new.  

We will explore movements and sounds that free your diaphragm and breathing muscles so that your voice becomes an extension of your breath and body.  We will work with singing, speaking, sound-making and improvisation.  We will also work with our mind, our unconscious, our emotions, our creativity.

There is an undeniable connection between our second chakra, our sensuality and emotions and our voice - especially for women. This connection has been scientifically proven and outlined in spiritual texts. When we speak (or sing) with breath and resonance, the feeling is enjoyable and the sound is magnetic.  We can’t help but invite connection, empathy, truth, creativity, surrender, freedom.  I want every woman in the world to experience this as her way of life - to connect her body, breath, emotions and voice. 

I believe that for women, not allowing ourselves to express our emotions is the equivalent to self-abuse. Often those emotions get trapped into tensions that restricts our voice.  Let’s turn this pattern around and give ourselves the tools and permission to live in the full expression of who we are!  Click on the orange button below to register.

  • Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 10th and 11th, 2017
  • Time: 11am-5pm
  • Location: SomaSpace, 4050 NE Broadway Street, Portland OR
  • Price before May 10th: $195
  • Price after May 10th: $250