Public Speaking

  • Learn to Magnetize your audience
  • Learn to communicate that you are confident and capable
  • Speak with power and clarity
  • Overcome fear of public speaking
  • Fuel your message with charismatic body language and intonation.
  • Protect/heal your vocal health
  • Overcome patterns of tension that have kept your voice from fully expressing itself
  • Gain confidence

My goal for you is that your message comes out powerful and clear with everything lining up - mind, body and voice.

When you take away all the layers of tension and fuel the voice with breath, the voice becomes enjoyable to use and beautiful to hear.  The breath and focus that produces such a sound, also creates presence and calm in the speaker.  That same presence and calm is reflected in the ears of your listener.  They are naturally attracted to your message.  They trust you.  They believe you. They can connect to you and will likely want what you have to offer.

Many experts who teach non-verbal communication use an "outside-in" approach, meaning that they show people body-movements that convey a strong capable presence.  My system is unique in that it is primarily an "inside-out" approach.  This means that voice and body movements arise organically from the breath rather than visa versa.