Parent/Child Body-Led Singing

Eight Week Body-Led Singing for parents and children

Parent/Child Body-Led Singing is a unique music class for children because we approach music-learning through creativity and improvisation rather than repetition.  Deep learning in the human mind occurs most effectively in two ways - through repetition and through emotional connection.  Most learning approaches in public schools involve repetition as a primary learning tool for memorization.  In these classes we use some repetition but primarily use emotional connection, which is faster and evokes a deeper more permanent learning experience.  Children are actively engaged with the material through play,  listening, breathing, improvising and connecting with their adult as well as children.  

This eight week course is for creative and musical children who want to develop their skills in a playful and focused environment.  Music learning is an important part of early childhood education because it develops a wide spectrum of skills that go far and beyond singing or musicianship alone.  As children develop rhythmic competency, pitch awareness and musicality in a group environment they also learn how to connect with other children, to listen and focus, to express themselves effectively.  They develop both the emotional centers and the logic/organizational centers of their brains.  In addition, this is all done through play which makes it a valuable parent/child bonding opportunity. 

Unlike many music classes, Parent/Child Body-Led Singing is designed to be a learning experience for both children and parents.  In many ways children have an advantage when it comes to unselfconcious expression and creativity - both key ingredients in singing with freedom.  These are the skills we work with.  Parents help their children stay engaged and focused while children inspire and teach their parents by joyfully doing what they do best.

Course material includes pitch and rhythm awareness, improvisation, creative dance, performance, singing with breath and resonance.

 "Play is the work of children" - J. Piaget

Testimonials from Anita's children's music classes:

"Thank you for so clearly understanding how to share your beautiful world of music with your young students.  Your uplifting voice, fresh attitude, subtle discipline, youthful charm and encouragement gave a gift to our child that I could not have supplied.  I saw so many light bulbs being turned on, one by one, as the months went by.  You are doing meaningful work and our family thanks you." - anonymous.