What is Body-Led Singing?


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"Body-Led Singing" classes are group singing classes that use breath-connected movement as a vehicle for learning the basic techniques of singing.  Think "yoga for the voice" meets "creative movement".  We use guided improvisation to enter into the meditative state.  In doing so, we move away from the fear-based critical brain and toward more expansive and creative parts of our awareness.   If you are curious, a kinesthetic learner, willing to be playful and have a desire to learn to sing freely than come and join us! 

Why take a Body-Led Singing Class?

  • Fun! What else really matters?
  • Sing with more freedom
  • Speak with more confidence and resonance
  • Practice moving through space with breath, so that you are better able to do so in everyday life.
  • Enjoy the process
  • Learn the basic techniques of singing through breath-connected movement
  • Embody a speaking voice that feels more expressive and connected to your body
  • Reboot your creativity
  • Laugh and be playful
  •  Align your body and voice with physics
  • Break through limiting repetitive patterns of the mind and body
  • Dance with a renewed sense of joy, authenticity and confidence
  • Move through your fear of performance
  • Be part of a community





Behind the Scenes: About Body-Led Singing Classes and Workshops:

I personally have found these techniques to be HUGELY healing for the voice - both for speaking and singing!!! In the shadow of my singing career I have experienced reoccurring laryngitis as well as shame and fear that kept me from pursuing my passion for singing. The emotional impact of this left my body and voice tied up in knots. Body-Led Singing techniques presented an alternative way of accessing my voice, one that worked to heal patterns of tension in my body while at the same time, using improvisation to move away from limited fear-based thinking in the mind. 

I discovered these techniques through simply following what felt good in my own singing journey.  I listened.  I surrendered.  I thought to myself, "If this approach has been so helpful for me, maybe it will also be helpful to others".  That's when "Body-Led Singing" was born.

It is a FUN and POTENT way to access your authentic voice and experience greater freedom of expression that bleeds into everyday life!

I could say much much more, but the long and short of it is that this is something to be experienced!


Testimonials for body-led singing:

"I found out about Body-Led Singing a couple months prior to a recording session, and decided to participate in the class help me prepare. Her teaching brought more awareness to the way I use my body - or don't - while singing and how it affects my sound. Taking the class improved my understanding of the vocal mechanism and the quality of my voice, but the experience exceeded my expectations because Anita places equal importance on the "inner game" of voice. I walked away from Body-Led Singing with an improved attitude about using my voice, perhaps the greatest takeaway of all. For this, I don't hesitate to recommend Anita."

- Chris Davis


"Anita is a wonder at teaching voice to the whole body-mind! Not just the head or the body one at a time, the way I've experienced most voice teachers doing. She has a wonderful mastery of the theory and science of teaching voice, and she is also enthusiastically embodied, intuitive, and playful in her approach. I am drawn to the way she weaves the earth, the elements, and the female experience into her teaching methodology. She is utterly authentic, which allows me to relax into trusting her as her student. I thoroughly recommend Anita as both a private voice coach and a group facilitator if you are in the market for this in your life."

- Kate Soule

"I took Anita’s class because I wanted to explore my voice in a safe and accepting environment.  Anita held space beautifully, she encouraged, in a loving way, all the students to freely express.  Her presence was impressive as well as her ability to work with each person individually to help them find their voice. I received the benefit of opening my voice with greater clarity and confidence.  I’d encourage you to take this class if you want to find more freedom in expression."

- Robin Bodhi


"I love to sing & have takin' a class or two before, but none were as interesting or useful as 'Body Lead Singing'. Anita creates a very warm & Safe group space & then goes deep into the Heart/Mind/Body & Movement details that block or allow us to share our Voice.  Her insights are truly Amazing... So Yes!  It's a Great class!!! Highly Recommend!!!"                  

- George Ramsey


"Over the weeks I grew more comfortable moving and using my voice in a collective effort. Each class was a creation of something new and fresh as we moved into the unknown. Each moment, through silence or sound, was an improvisation of what was present and alive in ourselves and in the room. I think it was the sense of there not being any "rules" or "shoulds" for how things were to look or sound, but rather we were encouraged and inspired to be nothing but ourselves, and were graciously given the freedom to express whatever it was that we were feeling. Most importantly, I felt Anita and the class held a safe space conducive to positive growth, healing and acceptance.

I didn't only feel my body opening up and gaining a sense of liberation through organic movements, but I was also surprised at the balancing opposition of how subtle and powerful the breath is. Simply by tuning in with this natural occurrence on a more conscious level created a connection with each movement of my body and voice as the overall effort in myself and muscles diminished. It was as if once the channels were open, the voice became like a river and was able to flow a little more freely as we continued to explore new edges of fear while releasing a little more resistance with each breath. This was was a huge theme in the classes that became less scary and unknown through out the course.

I enjoyed the sequential growth over the 8 weeks, and felt improvements with how I was able to drop into my body and feel that aliveness alongside my fellow classmates. I noticed I was less fearful of making sound, and more confident speaking and singing in a group each class leading up to doing this in public! The improvisation is exhilarating, scary at first, but using the tools Anita provided gave me a sense of confidence to keep trusting in the breath, relax into the movements and if anything, lean into the fear! I couldn't believe I performed, both with a group and solo, and was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it! I felt empowered and positively energized post-performance, and the high lasted a few days. Knowing that I did it has left me with an inspiring motivation to keep moving, singing and following my breath.

I am extremely grateful for Anita's body-led singing courses. She truly is an activist and an educator. It's clear she has been doing inner work and continues to grow in her own body, perspective and soul on a daily basis. She does an excellent job creating the space to translate her personal and professional knowledge into a creative, dynamic experience for participants. I really resonated with her teaching style as a yogini and a singer (but only singing in my private space), yet I was able to explore the freedom that I love about singing in my shower or car in a group setting where the energy of feeling alive was amplified. I was amazed at the power of connecting with those present in the room and being open to share the experience of collective improvisation, and the excitement still flows through me, eager to continue exploring the inner workings of my body and voice in an outward experience."

- Alyssa Grant


"I have been so blessed to have met Anita Stryker and attend her Body led Singing class. The way we met, and how I got introduced to the idea of this class was so synchronous and amazing, it could only have been divine timing and the work of my higher self, angels and guides conspiring on my behalf to get me in there. As a person whose greatest fear in life has always revolved around being heard, to get my voice to come out with such clarity and joy the way it did in this class, and is continuing to do so even now, has been a most welcome yet unexpected miracle in my life! I feel very comfortable in Anita’s presence and uniquely inspired by her as well.

Here is a little something I wrote on the second day of class, “Reaching, stretching my body & my voice as one – I unite my movement & sound to a pitch of oneness that rises & falls, expands & contracts in a free flowing expression of release.” Go get yourself signed up for this class! You will be glad you did!!!"

- Suzy Quinn


"Anita and I were fellow Apprentices in Linda Brice's 2014 Transformational Voice training program, and I feel that I learned nearly as much from her as I did from the program! Anita has the uncanny ability to take what she is learning and transform it into something unique, healing, and powerful. Her Body-Led Singing class is amazing for helping people to open up their voices, and to feel confident and playful, while improvising, even (or especially) when it seems terrifying! Anita is both an inspiring and empathetic teacher, who truly understands the vulnerability of freeing our authentic voices, yet challenges us to have fun and enjoy every step of the process. I highly recommend her as a teacher and a healer."

- Amanda Sloane


"Body Led Singing opened up new ways for me to relate to singing, and created the possibility of being relaxed and full throated at the same time. I most enjoyed the movement partner exercises, where I was able to put into practice staying connected with another while finding my own voice. As a result I was able to give my most confident ever vocal presentation to an audience of a creative piece I had written for the class. A boost not just in confidence in singing, but how to hold awareness of both self and other in relationship."

- Eugene Lewins


I am so grateful for being able to attendthe weekend workshop!  These past few days have been incredible to witness and feel how my voice has shifted. I notice a new level of confidence arise and the work we did is still unfolding. 

You have a beautiful gift and talent for creating a sacred space and shared experience for active, real practice and deep healing.

It was a unique, powerful, and effective workshop! I am truly grateful for all you do to prepare, guide and lead. I'm humbled by your ability to guide yet to remain flexible and open to allow improvisation to take its course.

It's truly a beautiful blend and I feel blessed for having been connected with you. The changes are tangible and I feel the confidence grow and appear in various areas of my life. Its wonderful, thank you!!

- Anonymous


The weekend workshop helped me to clearly see the contrast between my contracted fearful voice and my open free voice.  This awareness will transform the way I use my voice, heart and body.  I felt comfortable and supported throughout the workshop. I loved your enthusiasm for vocal freedom and the sacred space you created with your group.

I am so glad I signed up for this course! Your work is such a gift!

- Lulie Lucas