Free your singing voice through a powerful technique that includes intuitive body-led movement and breath-based singing technique.  We will leave our inner critic at the door and explore the inner sensations of body and voice so that you walk away with a sense of child-like joy, creativity and inspiration.

The intention of this course is to unravel  your authentic voice.  The technique is simple yet powerful.   You will likely hear sounds come out of your body that you did not know were possible.  But do not be seduced by the sound of your own brilliance.  It is unselfconscious expression that points in the direction of freedom.   The truth is we already know how to sing – those moments when we feel safe and are flooded with an outpouring of laughter, tears, moans, uninhibited speech.  If you know how it feels to surrender into dance than you already know how to enter into your creative body-mind.  From here we will explore primal organic expressions of vocal freedom and of course singing.