About Anita

I have a confession, singing has never come naturally to me.  Musicality, creativity and the desire to express does.  That has been the fuel that kept me obsessed with the mechanics of what exactly happens when we embody vocal freedom.  This obsession is what led me to all the answers I sought. It is what led me to Linda Brice and her Transformational Voice apprenticeship program where I have learned more than I thought possible about how to heal even the most challenging vocal issues.

One thing I have found is that vocal freedom isn't just a mechanical action.  Yes, mechanics are important.  But beyond that, freedom is about getting out of the places in our mind that have us boxed into fear-based thinking - fear that literally manifests as vocal tension.

I am now actively pursuing my artistic career as a singer songwriter and jazz vocalist in addition to my teaching.  I am wonderfully grateful for this possibility and will never forget all that it has taken to get here!

There were times in my process, where I literally had to throw away everything I knew and find my voice through the unknown, specifically through breath-connected improvised movement and vocalization - something I now call "body-led singing".

For me, singing and speaking are about expanding the mind, letting go of fear and expressing exactly what it is we wish to express.  I believe that the reason singing can be so confronting and challenging is that it literally teaches us to create new pathways in our brains - ones that connect our right-brained emotional centers with our more left-brained language centers. 

Now that I have shared the real stuff that qualifies me as a voice teacher, I will offer my credentials.  I officially started my vocal studies at the University of Santa Cruz, where I received my BA in music emphasizing voice.  I went on to study with Sally Munro, an Alexander Technique teacher and more recently Linda Brice, founder of Transformational Voice in Portland, OR.   In addition I am a dancer, dance facilitator, yoga teacher, speaker, and certified life-coach. 

"Those willing to to go through the process deserve the freedom they will find. The opposite is also true" 

- Linda Brice

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